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Lot 1

$ 40.00

Our very first! The super-spongy "cottage cheese" yarn spun at Bartlett Yarns on the last commercially operating spinning mule in this country. Begs for cowls.

210 yards / 192 m

Weight: Approx. 4.2 oz
Suggested needle size: Anywhere from US 7-10 (4.5-6mm)

Swatching notes:

- Most of the skeins were twisted on the Saco River Dyehouse machine, a nifty device created to save our hands and wrists from an untimely demise. However, the machine twisted these skeins very, very tightly. As soon as you can, please un-twist your hanks, give them a shake, and let them rest. Better yet, hang them in the bathroom when you take your next shower. The steam will revive the fibers beautifully.

- Change needle sizes and see what happens to the fabric. As a true woolen-spun yarn, this batch will expand or contract to fill whatever space you give those stitches.

- Bloom! This yarn is undyed and has not been washed since it left the scouring plant in Texas. Thus much of Lot 1’s beauty will remain hidden until you’ve knit your project and washed it for the first time. Use the same temperature warm water for the wash as for the rinse, and keep rinsing until the water runs clear. Blot the garment dry on a towel, lay it flat, and watch the bloom. What looked like a collection of stitches is now a truly cohesive piece of fabric. Plus it smells really good.

-Neps. Yup, this yarn has them. But watch what happens with washing and wearing. These neps don’t go anywhere. They become an integral part of the fabric.

-Jane pointed out something interesting about this yarn. Even after we removed more than 300 pounds of fiber from our bale, it still looked full. This yarn has a similar magic. If you wind it into a center-pull ball and work from the center out, you may notice that the skein never goes away. It’s the Extra Yarn yarn!