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Great White Bale Lot 3

$ 48.00

The third of four yarns spun out of a single, 676-pound bale of superfine Saxon Merino from upstate New York as part of The Great White Bale narrative yarn adventure that became the book Vanishing Fleece.

Lot 3 was spun at Kraemer Textiles in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and hand-dyed by Jennifer Heverly of Spirit Trail Fiberworks using a special blend of five different hues.

Note that we added approximately 20% silk to the mix at the beginning of combing and carding, and lost some 40% total fiber weight during those processes. I’ve estimated the final silk content at 30%, but please know this is approximate. Likewise, you can go up several more needle sizes than specified here if you want a nice loose lace motif.

Swatching notes: I don’t really have too many this time around. Lot 3 is a yarn that knits itself. But I would say don’t be afraid of patterns that incorporate garter-stitch, because the underlying yarn construction renders garter in a gorgeous, spongy three-dimensional way that begs for squeezing.